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SA-1  Figure Sculpture / Dan Myers

We will be sculpting a 1/4 life size clay figure from a live female model in a reclining pose. Focus will be on gesture, proportion, bone & muscle anatomy, surface modeling and use of special tools for details. All pieces will be fired in a kiln to terracotta and information on patina and mounting for exhibit will be offered. All materials: model fee, clay, tools, and use of kiln are included.

Mondays starting April 4, 7 to 10 pm, 6 classes. Members $220,

Non-Members $250

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SA-2  Portrait Sculpture / Dan Myers

We will be sculpting a life size head in natural clay from a live model and reference photos and measurements of the model. Anatomy and planar construction of the skull and head will be referenced, and each feature addressed in detail: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair. The model can be friend or loved one of the artists (and paid $15/hr. for 6 sessions)

Wednesdays starting April 6, 9am to noon, 6 classes. Members $220,

Non-members $250


SA-3  Open Studio Life Class / Dan Myers & Kris Kreitman

This is an uninstructed class for artists to drop in and draw or paint the portrait of a clothed model or the figure of a nude model. Poses are for 3 hours. Open to all levels and media. Must be 21 years old.

Tuesdays, ongoing, 7 to 10 pm. Artists pay $15 for the model.

Send your email/contact information to: for

weekly info.

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SA-4   Fundamentals of Drawing / Isabel Shamitz

We will use charcoal and graphite pencils to explore tonal value using photo reference and still life objects. A choice of group and/or personal projects, along with attention at all levels will be offered. Demonstrations and instruction in sight-sizing, tonal values, and basic linear perspective. Note: See supply list online, not included in class fee.

Mondays, starting April 4, 10 am to noon, 6 classes. Members $150,

Non-members $180

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SA-5  Fundamentals of Oil Painting / Isabel Shamitz

Come try your own style of painting! This is an introduction to the properties of oil paints. Use of brushes, liquid mediums, painting surfaces, and other tools will be discussed. Explore the ways to execute your personal style and approach within the 2-dimensional surface. See supply list online, not included in class fee.

Tuesdays, starting April 5, 10 am to noon, 6 classes. Members $150,

Non-members $180

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SA-6  Clay Potter’s Wheel / Sue Hoy

This ceramic class will cover basic wheel techniques. Independent projects are welcomed. Open to all levels of students. All materials and firing are included.

Thursdays, starting March 10, 6 to 9pm, 6 classes Members $220,

Non-members $250