Vineyard Sound Morgan Davis.jpg

Morgan Davis

Art is, and always has been the most primary mode of visual communication. While it influences our lives in every conceivable way, it has both the power to evoke emotions from the deepest core of a viewer’s soul and the sovereignty of altering human thought on a most profound level. As such, I believe it should raise awareness of the sublime in nature from the smallest quanta of organic matter, to the vast expanse of cosmic space.

      As a landscape painter, for me, it’s all a matter of where I want to be; out en plein air, I have to choose a place where I’ll be completely fulfilled for the length of time a given plein air sketch may take. In the studio, where my work requires so much more endurance, I have to create a world euphoric enough to keep me inspired for the full painting process. It has to be a place where I want to be for the entire duration.