Quincy Art Association

Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1979 and in 1986 the QAA opened the doors at 26 High School Avenue to the public. Since then, the QAA has offered classes, education forums and hosted special events for the community. Our offices, classrooms and studios are busy today offering members and visitors of all ages the opportunity to experience and enjoy the visual arts.


After a long advocacy of one day having a dedicated place to exhibit members’ work and welcome the public, the vision came true. In October 2021 the QArts Gallery opened its doors and has become a vibrant link between artists, the general public, and community sponsors. The QArts Gallery features group and solo exhibitions, invitational, and annual events. We proudly offer enrichment and educational opportunities to all.

A Little History

In the early 1800’s the first High School was built in Quincy. The High School burned down in the early 1900’s and only the foundation survived. A new building was erected on the original foundation, and it is this building that the QAA now calls home.

Etching of Quincy’s first high school provided by the Quincy Historical Society.

Photo: Quincy Art Association, 26 High School Avenue, Quincy, MA


QAA volunteers play an integral part in our success. The QAA wishes to thank them for their tireless efforts and recognize the importance of the role they play.


The Quincy Art Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of visual arts. The QAA is partially funded by grants received from the Massachusetts Cultural Council through the Quincy Arts Council as well as private donors. Membership and programming play a part in our sustainability.  We rely on these sources to support the visions of the QAA.

Board of Directors

President – Ellyn Moller

Vice President – Frank Santoro

Interim Treasurer – Linda Santoro

Clerk – Linda Kreitman


Web Administrator – Britt Kreitman

Promotion & Community Outreach – Linda Santoro

Art Director, Web Coordinator – Tony Andrade

Class Coordinator - Daniel Myers III (Interim)

Grants Advisor – Maryellen O’Brien

Social Media Team – Britt Kreitman, Abigail Egan, Paula Mine

Hospitality Committee – Linda Santoro, Phyllis Andrade, Ellyn Moller

QArts Gallery Manager – Frank Santoro

Exhibition Committee – Kris Kreitman, Tony Andrade, Ellyn Moller

Scholarship Committee

Tony Andrade 

Kris Kreitman

Discretionary Committee​

Kris Kreitman

Tony Andrade

In Memory of:

Kelly Cobble

Marilyn Reisberg

Annette Pagliarani

Barbara Bray

Julianne Molloy-Bithony