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Exhibition Archives

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2021 - 2022

Oct. 15-Nov. 22  QAA Members Showcase

Dec. 26-Feb. 4    Oils by Deb Putnam & Kris Kreitman

Nov. 21-Feb. 2    Members Small Works Exhibit

Feb. 4-March 11 Beyond the Screen  | Lesley University Grad Students Exhibit

Mar. 17-April 23  New Members Small Works Exhibit

Mar. 17-April 24  Edwina Caci  | Her Life’s Passion

May 1-July 12      Watercolors by Marco Vizcarra

Aug. 4 -Sept. 4    Arts Affair in the Square

Sept. 8-Oct. 30    A Colorful Journey  | Tsun Ming Chmielinski

Nov. 5-Dec. 11     Roads Well Traveled  | Alice Donaldson & David Wang. |

Nov. 10-Jan. 22    Members Small Works Exhibit

Dec. 12-Jan. 22    6 x Six  |  Dan MCole, Lafayette Hayes, Mona Podgurski,

                             Prachi Bansal, Zied Velic, Troy Zarcone


2002 - 2023

Feb. 2-March 12  Quincy High School  |  The Scenographer’s Charrette

Mar. 18-April 23   Shared Habitat Earth

May 11-June 23   ArtsFest @the Q w/special category, Celebrate Quincy

June 25-July 29    S.K. Sahni: Lines in Space

Aug. 5-Sept 3      Arts Affair w/Celebrate Quincy category, & Body of Work 3

Sept. 7-Oct. 8      Quincy Celebrate Quincy

Oct. 12-Nov. 12   The 238 Textile Arts Collective: Fusion

Nov. 16-Dec. 31   Members & Small Works Shows

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