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Gallery Shop

QArts Gallery Gift Shop Policy

Art Racks & Merchandise Table Space Options

How it works

  • Volunteering in the gallery once a month is required. Please sign up on our website. Choose a Thursday or Friday 2-5 pm, or Saturday or Sunday 12-3 PM or 2-5 PM

Bring a buddy, have fun, and meet and greet gallery visitors. Super-simple sales training provided. Selling your own work is easier when people get to meet who made it.  If we don’t have coverage, we don’t have an opportunity to sell your work, and the gallery will be forced to closed. Please be reminded that the gallery is managed and operated solely by volunteer members of the QAA. 


  • Must be a QAA member in good standing. For consideration, please email us at Kindly provide a brief description of your merchandise, along with 3-5 photos. All artwork/artisan pieces must be original. No resale of manufactured merchandise is allowed. All items are subject to committee review and may be declined for this program. You will receive a response within a few days.


  • Upon approval, a $50.00 table/rack fee is required for a six-month period, effective with payment on the first day of any month. Fee is non-refundable. With our easy online payment option, you will receive a reminder 10 days prior to your six-month renewal date. Payment is automatic unless you opt out by emailing

  • As a courtesy, processing fees from your sales are waived.

  • Artists must provide their own display rack. QArts Gallery will provide table space, and packaging, gift bags, jewelry boxes and/or pouches depending on purchases. 

  • Absolutely no framed work is permitted. Flat pieces should be presented on a backboard with or without a mat and inserted into clear protective sleeves.

  • An inventory list is required with delivery. Please bring a printed copy that includes item #’s for each item, title or very brief description, and price for all items. Please include your name, address, and contact information.

  • Art must be labeled on the back with title, media, price, and name. Items must be tagged or labeled with your name, item # that corresponds to your inventory sheet, description, and price.


  • No drop n’ go delivery allowed. Please bring all new items to the gallery office for barcoding. We will then bring your sale ready items out to the gallery. 


  • It is strongly suggested you provide a rack card to introduce yourself. A bio, artist statement, or QR code are acceptable for display with your merchandise. 

  • You are responsible for periodically checking and restocking your items. 

  • If any rack appears neglected or empty, we will contact you. It will be removed from the floor after one week if the issue remains unaddressed.

  • Payments to artists/artisans are dispersed at the end of each month. 

  • You may opt out at any time.


Key Contact Info

Ellyn Moller, President 617-771-2357; (in Quincy) Tony Andrade 781-789-0410; Kris Krietman 617-710-1201

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