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Exhibit Guidelines

General Information

  • Artists must be 18 years or older.

  • All artwork must be original, and not completed in a QAA class. No prints or enhanced prints of original artwork will be accepted.

  • Sizes may not exceed 48” in any direction. 

  • Absolutely, no wet paint.

  • Only work completed in the last four years will be accepted. Work entered in any of our prior exhibits will not be accepted.

  • Refunds for registration fees or credits for future shows will not be issued for undelivered artwork

Notice Regarding Drop Off and Pick Up 

Please take note of the drop off and pick up dates and understand this important reminder:

  • We remind all artists that drop off and pick up dates are to be honored. Please realize that if we make an exception for one person then, in all fairness, we need to make exceptions for everyone. These interruptions to the flow of our exhibits are unfair to our volunteers and staff as they greatly increase our workload. Please carefully read all information and guidelines and if you are unable to honor the posted drop off or pick up times either find a friend, family member or fellow exhibiting artist to help out.

  • Artwork not picked up after 14 days will become property of the Quincy Art Association and QArts Gallery.


  • Frames must be wired with appropriate picture hanging wire attached approximately 1/3 down from the top of the frame. Secured on both sides by eyelet type hooks.

  • All framed work must be a solid, professional nature. Worn, scarred or damaged frames are not acceptable. No sawtooth hangers (single or double), no single loop tab type hangers, no photography style frames with “kick-stand” supports, no “snap-in” glass frames.

  • Oils on paper, watercolors and drawing/pastels must be matted and under glass or plexiglass.

  • Canvas wrapped paintings must be a minimum of 1-inch in depth. Edges must be appropriately finished by either painting the edges a coordinating color or continuing the painting around the edges.

  • Diptychs and triptychs are allowed. The total group width may not exceed 48” in any direction frames included. They must be sold as a single piece and entered as such.

  • Collaged works must be glaze sealed and framed or under glass, similar to drawings.

  • Sculpture may not be more that 36” in height and/or width.

  • All photography must be framed under glass or plexiglass. Preferred matting would be white, off white, gray or black. If printed on metal they must be ready to hang similar to glass-framed photos.


  • All work must have a clearly completed label, securely taped to the back with the artists name, address, phone number, email and all category information included.



  • All artwork must be for sale, unless otherwise noted.

  • If a piece is sold, artists will be contacted and offered to furnish a replacement piece at no additional cost. Replacement pieces must meet the same guidelines as original entries. Replacement pieces may only be hung by our staff. (Not sure what our policy has been so up for any changes here.)


Please Note

Work not ready for display per these guidelines will not be accepted. QArts has the final discretion of artwork displayed.

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